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The 21st Century Cures Act, Public Law 114-255, signed in December 2016, requires providers of personal care, including personal care assistance (PCA) and some waiver services and home health care providers (beginning in 2023) to use electronic visit verification to be eligible for full federal medical matching dollars. 

The Minnesota EVV system will verify: 

  • Type of service performed 

  • Who received the service 

  • Date of service 

  • Location of service delivery 

  • Who provided the service 

  • When the service begins and ends 

Providers may use either the state-provided EVV system or an alternative system of their choosing that meets state requirements. 

Life Fountain Home Healthcare, Inc. has selected Allcare software as its provider. All employees of Life Fountain have received the necessary credentials needed to access the EVV app. 

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AllCare EVV Video Tutorial 

EVV Step-by-Step Visual Guide 

Life Fountain has created digital step-by-step guides to help you troubleshoot. Please select a language and you will be directed to a PDF guide. 



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Online Digital Correction Form 


Are you having difficulties accessing the app? Were you not able to clock in or out due to system issues? Please fill out our digital correction form below. 



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