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Monica Bianchi

Qualified Professional, Designated Coordinator

As a QP/DC, my role is to be available and provide support to my person’s served, their staff, and the rest of the individuals' team. I review assessments, complete documents for meetings with individuals, and train staff on their job duties. I assist with problems and concerns. I have been in the Social Work field for many years. I have worked with people in need of support ranging from small children to the elderly, and in a variety of capacities. The best part of what I do is interacting with people, providing support where I can, hearing their stories, and trying to do my best so that they feel treated with respect and care. In my personal life, I have a lot of interests. I love to spend time with my family, my husband of 31 years, and my two adult children. I love to travel, tackle multiple crafts, and get together with my siblings and friends. I enjoy working at Life Fountain because I believe in their philosophy of providing good care and appreciate all the people I work with.

651-403-6034 EXT 121

Monica Bianchi
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