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Fernanda Ambrosio

Human Resources Generalist

Fernanda is an experienced quality assurance analyst. She has worked in the business and service industry for over 5 years. Her time in the service industry has helped her succeed and has allowed her skills to grow. Fernanda is a detail-oriented individual who is never afraid to go above and beyond, especially for the people that she serves. She has demonstrated her talents, throughout the different roles she has had while at Life Fountain. She never backs down from a challenge and always has a solution to any problem that comes up.
When Fernanda is not at work, you can find her trying out new activities with her daughter. She enjoys going up north, trying new restaurants, and fall activities with her daughter such as apple orchards, wagon rides, and warm toasted white chocolate mochas

651-403-6034 EXT 123

Fernanda Ambrosio
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