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Bianca Gallegos

Payroll and Billing Clerk

Bianca started her journey at Life Fountain as a PCA/DSP and quickly sought an opportunity within the agency in a more direct role. Bianca became a very admired receptionist in 2023 and it is through her resilience and her ability to go above and beyond for others that sparked her interest in a new role. Bianca has demonstrated her skills on paper and in person by becoming Life Fountain's Payroll and Billing Clerk. Bianca is an excellent source of knowledge for EVV, time correction forms, and other payroll-related questions. Bianca has firsthand experience working out in the field, and it has benefited her greatly in this new role! In her free time, she likes to go camping and fishing! She also loves to travel, Bianca hopes to keep helping the community in anyway she can.


Bianca Gallegos
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